Milton Beef

Welcome to Milton Beef

From the lush pastures of the New South Wales South Coast, nestled between the Budawang Mountains and the ocean, quality Milton Beef is available to you. OK so the start of 2020 is not so lush but after prolonged drought, the fires, and a little rain, those lush green shoots are starting to raise their verdant heads.

Milton Beef is a registered South Devon stud for breeder heifers, cows and bulls. We also raise Angus and South Devon cattle for private sale, direct to butcher and occasionally for restockers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The sun was shining so we cracked open the BBQ today and cooked up a pack of your T-bones and the scotch fillets. OMG...They were, DELICIOUS! The most tender and tasty meat. We kept it simple with mash, raw beetroot salad and homemade bread. Bliss. Thanks for such lovely produce Janelle".

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